STEM PLAY THERAPY, INC. is committed to the amelioration, treatment, therapy, and counsel of the conditions and circumstances of mental health and any other forces that threaten healthy mental function and its preservation, restoration, and stability.

STEM PLAY THERAPY, INC. advocates for the disenfranchised and provides for the delivery of essential services and developments through structured programs which are designed to improve the quality of life, self-sufficiency, and promote responsible community involvement



STEM PLAY THERAPY, INC. delivers structured programs designed to improve the quality of life, self-sufficiency, and promote responsible community involvement. We work toward the goal of making STEM learning interactive, fun, and a basis for providing broader emotional support to youth and families, particularly those in the foster system.

We achieve our mission of supporting STEM learning by providing the following services:

  • Counseling and therapy for youth and families through Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM),

  • Youth and leadership development,

  • Family, youth, and community advocacy,

  • Professional development for counselors, social workers, and teachers, specific to the tenets of STEM Play Therapy as a part of social emotional learning.

In each area, our goal is to create a support system that encourages STEM learning on the path to strong emotional development for youth and families.


If you love the idea of inspiring children and their families through innovation using science, technology, engineering and mathematics then take the next step and volunteer to help out!


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STEM Play Therapy is continually expanding our network of professionals, families, and youth.

If you have a question about our mission or an idea of how we can reach and serve more people through our STEM-focused mission, we would love to hear from you.

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